JetMark is a common use fuel storage facility built to Canadian Standards Association and the Air Transport Association’s specifications for jet fuel storage and handling. The facility is designed to increase local jet fuel storage capacity in the north and provide best in class fuel services. The fuel facility in its first phase has 600,000 litres (158,503 USG) of storage capacity and the ability to load airport fuel tenders at a rated 3,000 litres per minute (800 GPM).

In addition to the added fuel storage capacity, JetMark can provide off-site bulk sales and through our contractor Allied Aviation, provide into-plane fueling services. Allied Aviation operates a 37,854 litre (10,000 USG) and three 18,927 litre (5,000 USG) fuel tender trucks, each capable of uplifting fuel at a rated 2,270 litres per minute (600 GPM).

Customers will be able to store fuel in the storage facility, truck it offsite, and/or utilise the into-plane services.


Allied Aviation
PG Airport (YXS)